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Peer-reviewed research articles
Harrer, N., Schindler, C.E.M., Bruetzel, L.K., Forne, I., Ludwigsen, J., Imhof, A., Zacharias, M., Lipfert, J.*, Mueller-Planitz, F.* (2018). Structural Architecture of the Nucleosome Remodeler ISWI Determined from Cross-Linking, Mass Spectrometry, SAXS, and Modeling. Structure 26, 282-294.e286.

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Ludwigsen J., Pfennig S., Singh A.K., Schindler C., Harrer N., Forne I., Zacharias M., Mueller-Planitz F.* (2017). Concerted regulation of ISWI by its N-terminal region and the histone H4 N-terminal tail. eLife, 6.

Lieleg C., Ketterer P., Nuebler J., Ludwigsen J., Gerland U., Dietz H., Mueller-Planitz F. *, Korber P.* (2015). Nucleosome spacing generated by ISWI and CHD1 remodelers is constant regardless of nucleosome density. Mol Cell Biol, 35(9), 1588-605.

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Gazda, L., Pokrzywa, W., Hellerschmied, D., Lowe, T., Forné, I., Mueller-Planitz, F., Hoppe, T., and Clausen, T. (2013). The Myosin Chaperone UNC-45 Is Organized in Tandem Modules to Support Myofilament Formation in C. elegans. Cell 152, 183-195.

Forné, I., Ludwigsen, J., Imhof, A., Becker, P.B., and Mueller-Planitz, F.* (2012). Probing the conformation of the ISWI ATPase domain with genetically encoded photoreactive crosslinkers and mass spectrometry. Mol Cell Proteomics 11, M111 012088.

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Method papers and reviews

Ludwigsen, J., Hepp, N., Klinker, H., Pfennig, S., Mueller-Planitz, F.* Remodeling and repositioning of nucleosomes in nucleosomal arrays. Methods Mol Biol 1805, 349-370.

Mueller-Planitz, F.*, Klinker, H. and Becker, P.B.* (2013). Nucleosome sliding mechanisms: new twists in a looped history. Nat Struct Mol Biol, 20, 1026-1032.